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Our Customers love the SureThrow Difference

We love to hear when our clay target thrower exceeds expectations of customers. Here is what some of our verified customer reviews on Amazon have said about our throwers. 

Great Thrower

"This is the best clay thrower on the market today in my opinion. Living where it is cold in the winter makes the plastic cheap ones not work out the way that they should. They have a tendency to stiffen up, and not release the way that they should. In contrast, this doesn't have that problem, and releases perfectly hot or cold. It is also handy and nice to be able to throw the doubles." - None, Amazon Customer

Best handheld Clay thrower on the market IMHO

"By Far the BEST hand clay thrower I've ever used. As a bonus, my wife can easily throw clays with the SureThrow.

Easy to load. I've thrown 3 boxes of clays so far and not one clay was broken during loading, clays just slip right in, single or double. I've also had near zero breakage of thrown clays(breaking before shot at) I think the few that have broken as they were thrown were cracked to begin with. Using my old, plastic clay throwers, several broken clays during loading was the norm, as well as clays breaking as they were thrown, Not the case with the SureThrow!

My poor wife could NEVER get the hang of throwing clays with the plastic type throwers, couldn't get the wrist snap timed right.
With the SureThrow, all she needs is a smooth arm swing to throw a perfect clay.

Want the clay to go farther, swing faster, it's really that easy." - John, Amazon Verified Customer

Functions Perfectly!

"We skeet shoot a lot and the plastic throwers are so crappy that they break a lot of the targets when trying to insert. This thrower has a little piece of metal or aluminum along the inside ridge that allows the clay target to slide easily into the thrower. We have NEVER had a target break using this thrower. And it also throws 2 at a time perfectly!" - Kayla, Amazon Verified Customer

One of the best hand throwers you can get for an incredible price

"I could not believe how well this product worked. I took a couple Clay's in my backyard to test it out. I easily launched my very first through 70 yards uphill. I don't have a strong arm but my brother was a baseball pitcher and I'm very excited to get him to try this. I know we're supposed to shoot the skeet but I want to see if he could throw one of these 150 to 200 yards. This works incredibly well for the price. If I were to ever break it I will definitely buy another. I might paint this so I don't accidentally set it down and some brush and lose it. By the way it does through two at once pretty well." - Cody McIntyre, Amazon Verified Customer